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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cookies, Cookies

I am just about cookied out!  That's right, I said cookied out!  Yesterday I spent the afternoon baking cookies for someone (a special request) and I baked 4 dozen cherry drops, 3 dozen of (my secret recipe) the best chocolate oatmeal chocolate chip, 3 dozen Scottish Short breads, 3 dozen chocolate and almond dipped crescents, and tomorrow I will be baking three other varieties of cookies to bake in as large batched, then, they all have to be parceled up in individual gift Christmas tins because this lady will be gifting them!
I love baking, but almost never do anymore because my 89 year old mum loves to tell me how to do it better, or faster, or something she believes I may have forgotten, LOL,  but seeing as she is away on a cruise I am having a great bake in.  
Today, though I gave myself a bit of a change, I left home very, very early and did last minute purchasing for others who are working, know what they want and where it could be bought from and I just had to go and buy it for them.
I also treated myself, I found an artificial Xmas tree to set up outside on the veranda and I got a great bargain buy with it too.  It is 6' tall and already has lights on it all over from the top to the bottom.  Because my dear mum refuses to throw anything away, those old lights we've been reusing every Christmas are finally done in.   If we want Christmas lights I have to replace them with the latest LED outside lights.  When she gets home she will have to acquiesce and allow me to escort them to the recycling dump, their old, kaput, not functioning, and you all know how frustrating and time consuming trying to discern which light in the string isn't working!
So because my mum has everything, needs nothing of consequence, I bought her new strings of lights and new Christmas out of doors decorations and it will be all up and looking grand for her arrival home.  YIPPEE!  Once I get it all done, I will take some pictures and share it with you!
You may or may not recall I lost my special four legged companion Mitzji this past March (a day after my 65th) and I miss her terribly. 
While I was bargain hunting for an artificial tree. I just happened to go past a shelf with stuffed toys on it, and believe it or not a tiny Bear was looking directly at me and saying very clearly, pick me, buy me, take me home?  When I looked a second time, I saw that its face looked so familiar and to my way of seeing things, she looked just like my Mitzi's face staring right back at me, so, this tiny and once loved bear simply came home with me.  Needless to say I have given her a new name, "Mitzji Bear" and I am feeling a well comforted.  Strange behavior for a 65 year old, but what can I say in my defense other than it simply shouted out my name and I simply couldn't leave her there.  
Meet Ms. Mitzji Bear

Here she is at Age 14 all scruffy 

Mitzji at Age 10
I'm sure you can see the resemblance between my beloved pet and this little bear... can't you?  Please tell me I need to clean my glasses....
As you can see I found two pictures of her to share with you and to convince you that these are look alikes!
As I said, once I get all of the decorations up and working outside I will share it with you in pictures, that's if your not too bored by it all?

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Thank you for sharing some of your time with me today and I look forward to many more visitors to the Blog Hop, this event is such fun.
Remember to pamper yourself today, you deserve it.

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  1. Good luck with your Mom! It is amazing that at 89 she is ona cruise. Love the pictures of your little dog, really the cutest I have ever seen. I have a question for you, when someone comments on your blog and you would like to comment back, do you press on the name and go to e-mail? I am trying! I enjoy ready your blog.


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