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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Packed and Ready

I have been so busy not a moment to post.  Last night a small army of elves came and picked up  102 Christmas bags filled with lots of fantastic gifts for Santa to deliver this coming Christmas eve.  We're all a tad exhausted, but we are pleased it was accomplished.
If you could see the gift in those bags, we are thrilled that in these hard economic times, others have stepped up to the plate with our local Lions club and filled a need.  We are a most fortunate town to be living in, people helping other people is what these townspeople are all about.  Not just at Christmas time, but all throughout the year.
We have all been blessed and this is what makes volunteering so very worthwhile.
How about your entering my "Christmas Memories" giveaway?  You have until December 24th to enter and you never know, you could win a nice gift.  I know it is customary to announce the gift, but, I have holding off on the announcement of what the prize is because I would like it to be a very nice surprise!  I have promised, the prize is worthwhile, not shabby at all, so, give yourself a chance to win by entering here.
You will not hear from me tomorrow as I begin my road trip.  I am travelling to be with my son and family for Christmas, but, as soon as I reach there and after the children are all tucked away in their beds, I will post, and I intend to take some photo's along the way, as I plan on visiting some quilt shops, there out to be something wonderful for me to buy, after all a volunteer Santa needs a tiny reward, wouldn't you agree. 
I am packed and ready to leave, but now it is time to inspect my bed, after the shenanigans for the past few weeks with the Angel Tree project and the baking, I am totally in need of rest.
Thanks for stopping by today and I sincerely hope your getting your much needed rest as well. 
I will be back on the 23rd, so do come back to see what I will  have to share with you from the road. 


  1. My hubby and myself volunteer our time playing Mr.& Mrs Santa Clause for the Boys and Girls club here is the county we live in. We have been doing this for a few years and we feel so rewarded when we can give to the children that need it.

  2. My husband and I like to spend Christmas Day (and sometimes Christmas Eve) at the local soup kitchen. Last year, there were many children expected but no gifts for Santa to hand out. We were fortunate to be able to "help" Santa fill his bag and bring smiles to many who would have had little. We plan to serve dinner again this year. We are so blessed! Our wish to others this year is a blessed Christmas and happy and healthy New Year!


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