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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mowing in December

It's December 8th, right?  Well guess what I saw happening this afternoon?  

YES, you guessed right, your seeing pictures I took of my neighbor mowing the lawn.  I mean, we live in central Canada, and usually on December 8th we have mounds of snow covering every inch of our properties!  Way to go Dave, now, I wonder if he might relent and give my lawn a manicure?  Maybe not!  
The sun shone all day today and while the wind was rather chilly, it was great to be out of doors for a little while.  
I have spent another busy day around here, finally rounded up all of the outdoor Christmas lights and not enough of the same type are all working, that means a trip into town tomorrow to pick up some Christmas lights and then get out on that veranda and begin the out of doors decorating all over again.  
I have a wonderful prize for the Giveaway in conjunction with the Blog Hop Party which is taking place all over the net with many, many quilting and crafting bloggers which originates out of the Quilting Gallery.  I honestly believe you will like this gift I have for one lucky winner!
SO please don't forget to tune in Saturday, December 10th for my announcement and don't forget to check in on the morning of December 10th at the Quilting Gallery where you will find a long list of Bloggers who will be participating in this 4th Anniversary of the Blog Hop Party with lots and lots of prizes to be won.
I take time to visit and follow other bloggers I met through the Gallery and it is time saving as well as very nice and convenient to have someone list them all on one web site for someone like me to access at any time.  Should you choose to go to the Quilting Gallery to look around you will find so much there to keep you busy for weeks on end and still longer should you decide to visit all of the bloggers registered there.  AMAZING and FUN!
I begin my Christmas baking this coming Monday, anyone have dead easy recipes for great freezable cookies?  I have several but I could always use a few new recipes, so if you have one and your willing to share, I would love receiving it.
I thank you for sharing a part of your day with me.  REMEMBER to make some time for yourself to sit and relax during this very busy month, a nice hot cup of your favorite brew, some easy listening music and a few cookies to be washed down should do the trick, after all we deserve some R & R.
Don't forget the invitation to enter into all of the bloggers giveaways which will be announced through the Quilting Gallery on Saturday morning.


  1. Hi Mitts,

    Just wanted to let you know I received my package in the mail this week. Love the jingle bell fabric and the little angels! Thanks so much for the giveaway! I'm looking forward to the blog hop on Saturday.

    Thanks again!

  2. Mindy, happy your package arrived, I was beginning to worry! That fabric with the bells is one of my favorites. Enjoy!!
    The Blog Hop Party is going to be so much fun, I cannot wait either.
    Thanks for letting me know your parcel arrived.


  3. Your give-away post needs to be published tonight please. The list of participating bloggers will be made available ~5 hours.



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