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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Jokes on Me

The Blog Hop seems to be a roaring success so far, and to keep you up to date while I continue to regale you with my adventures here in the Bay, you can click here to get the skinny on the BLOG HOP PARTY which continues all this week until December 17th, and most BLOG participants will be randomly having winners selected.  
I will be announcing the winner of my Blogs Giveaway  through Mr Random on Monday, December 19th.  Why, because  I  have committed to working and finishing the Angel Tree Project (wrapping all of the parcels) which  Santa will be leaving for children at their homes . 
Last year at the wrapping party we managed to wrap up all gifts and load them into 45 individual children's Xmas bags, but this year we have 108 (final count) Angels to wrap for and I just know these will not all get wrapped on the one night...LOL   
I  will also be wrapping all of my pressies for my seniors who are shut-ins!  I just love the gifts I made and bought for them, these I will show you later in another post. 
In the meantime I will bring you up to date on my activities over the past few days since the Hop began.   
Looking out my window the other morning you can see that Ole Man Winter has finally got a laugh or two on me!  Just two days ago I was telling you all about what the weatherman is predicting about this being a Green Christmas, and then I spied my neighbor mowing his lawn, and now what do I see and feel?

Thats it, SNOW - the "S" word!  And with it a huge drop in our temperature this morning, -1 Celsius or 30 Fahrenheit!  I simply am not a cold weather person.
This morning has been busy around here,  neighbors dropping in, sewing machine humming, telephone ringing, and in between these activities I have been partying!  Yes, Blog Hopping and reading all of the wonderful comments you are leaving me as well, what FUN!
I hope you like the Giveaway?  Thought it might generate some interest in those wonderful patterns and help use up but a tiny fraction of my humongous stash!!  
This party is off to such a great start, and if you think about it, Michele from the Quilting Gallery worked long and hard to arrange this for all of us.  THANK YOU MICHELE and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Quilting Gallery!!
Have you been enjoying this wonderful Hop?  The inventiveness of the participating Bloggers is fantastic, this is such a fantastic way to meet and make new Blogging friends.
I won't carry on too long this very cold Saturday afternoon because there are 5 or 6 Senior Residents of the Seeley's Bay Retirement Residence who are going to keep me company this evening when we drive to the Village of Delta to view the Christmas Lights displays which that Village puts on every year at this time.   I believe there will be three or four vans from the Residence going to enjoy this seasonal light show.  The Old Stone Mill is a wonderful old Mill and remains today an important and vital historic building of this tiny community and in this Region.
Time for me to get ready, supper for me tonight at the Residence and then to warm up my van so that my companions will be warm and comfy while we wend our way towards Delta and the magnificent light show that awaits us all.  You can see the pictures I managed to take here!

THANK you one and all who have come to visit with me and for participating in this happy Blog Hop I just know you are all having a great time.  I am hoping you will tell me all about your Blog Hop adventures or what it is you like best about this experience and that you will be a frequent visitor to The Quilting Gallery, Michele always has great quilting guest bloggers as well as wonderful quilt contests, check it out, you will not be disappointed, Trust Me!  The Gallery is my Information Station!
Take care and be kind to yourselves today, you deserve it. 
Now where are my winter boots, hat, scarf and mittens????


  1. You just left the sweetest comment on my blog. I e-mailed it to my son, who wrote the tribute to my Dad, Melvin. Thank you so much for your comment and sharing your story/gift regarding your uncle. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  2. Wow! What a change in the weather! It's very cold and windy here, but no snow so far. You sound wonderfully busy and happy. You obviously have a big and giving heart. I wish there were more people in the world like you. Blessings from Lesley UK


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