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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Finally some time in front of the computer!  I am waiting word on the outcome of my best friends daughters' operation, once again she's had to succumb to having her hip operated on, that girl hasn't had any respite from the onslaught of that joint not growing.  Last year near this time there was the 3rd operation which we all anticipated would be the last, but unfortunately the bone grafting was not generating new growth, so today, it is a different type of operation whereby the doctor will be doing something different.  When it was described to me in dutch I really did not understand all of the technological terminology, but suffice is to say that Orthopedic surgeon is doing his very best for her and in spirit I am there in the operating theater with her.  If time permits with you, please send up a little prayer 
that this is the operation what works and that finally she will mend and be free of pain and discomfort for ever more.  Thank you! 
My children were on their way to a Lake over our long weekend
and after the long weekend of family fun was over with they headed to Las Vegas to celebrate a milestone with other family and friends. 
Isn't it wonderful how people travel these days, I sometimes wish I had been as adventuresome away back in the olden days!  LOL   
On the grand baby front my dear daughter-in-law is expecting to give her and my son a daughter, 
my sons' first child, and her third.  How simply marvelous!  We haven't welcomed any girls into the family  for such a long, long time.   I know her sister and brother are as excited as I am and cannot wait for her arrival.   To celebrate her coming I have begun what grandmothers have done for centuries, knitting!   
My arthritic fingers do not make knitting an easy pastime, but I have time to finish, lots of time, seeing as she isn't due until sometime in October.....I am sure to have it finished by then, ya think?  LOL
I have steadfastly working on the String Stars quilt, I need it completed by this Friday evening.  In order to accomplish this I have cancelled the Stitch 'N' Chat sessions for tomorrow, as today is almost a total wipe out for me!
I have my Lions Club meeting this evening and my friend from Hong Kong arrives in later this evening and yours truly will be travelling to go and collect him from the bus which he will take from the Toronto International Airport up to our neck of the woods.  
I have to check on a number or items to make certain he at least has the wherewith all for his morning cuppa and a bite with it as his mother is 90 and has memory problems which I believe to be Alzheimer's but which as yet is to be properly diagnosed.  
The time I am not in front of the sewing machine is time away from completing this quilt. 
Seeing as no one other than GWEN commented or even made efforts at guessing as to what it is I did those many days ago  I will be sending her the GIVEAWAY products which were offered.  SO GWEN please send me your correct snail mail address at and I will see your parcel goes out to you.  ALSO to KAREN your parcel has yet to be mailed, unfortunately, I left it in the other room and didn't notice it until the other day.  I will advise when these two parcels hit the mail system. 
Here in Canada we have just passed the Victoria Day long weekend and are heading into the summer season.
Seeing as those who are American will be celebrating their Memorial Day this coming weekend.  SO in advance may I wish you and yours a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. 
I would like to thank you for stopping by and visiting with me, it certainly is appreciated.  Your following or even reading now and again is the reason for my Giveaways, a way to thank you for your time, curiosity and interest in the crazy things I say and do.
Have yourselves a happy and safe day today and I hope to share with you again tomorrow. 

Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.  ~G.B. Stern


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