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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Okay, I did it!  yup, yesterday!  Can you guess what it is I did?  IT is most definitely larger than a bread basket and I am thrilled about the decision! 
I am taking this opportunity to turn this into a GUESS WHAT IT IS GIVEAWAY!!!
So come on, take your best shot and possibly, if your at all interested you could win this nice collection of items I am using as the prize.  I will send international, so please do not let that stop you from putting in your best guess.

First correct answer receives this collection of stash goodies I am giving away!
Six Packages of same color green RICK RACK in three different widths;
One Heart in Hand needle holder;
Two 2 Fabric Marking pencils (one white, one red); 
Two flower appliques; 
Four Designer Iron ons' consisting of an pink elephant, a green teddy bear, a pink heart and a pink sail boat;
One package of Prym Top Stitch Zipper guides....
A 38" X 26" piece of Victoria Scatter Garden patterned fabric by Debbie Beaves of the Violet Patch for RJR Fabrics.  
C'mon now, put on your thinking/good guess caps and see who might be the first to collect this prize!
You have from tomorrow May 11th until Friday, May 18th midnight Central time to send me your guesses, I will comment on whether your cold, warm or hot!

I'm off to Stitch 'N' Chat this afternoon and have several projects to work on, major projects are the two gift quilts. 
There is so very much going on around here that I literally fear I will forget something, my appointment schedule looks wicked full. 
By the way, in Today in my e-mail, there was mention of the story about the Australian Lady who sold her Crazy Quilt for $70,000.00, this Article will come out in the June/July issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.  Thinking you might be interested in this you can read about some of it here written September of 2010. WOW is all I can say and GOOD FOR HER!
Thank you for stopping by to see what it is I am up to or getting into today, I hope your day is fantastic!  AND............HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEM HOPE YOUR HAVING A SUPER FANTASTIC SPECIAL DAY TODAY!!!!!

I've got dreams in hidden places and extra smiles for when I'm blue.  ~Author Unknown


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