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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Catching Up....

It was Wednesday when last I posted, seems so very long ago doesn't it?  I have been busy doing Senior duty these past many days and getting behind with my own time.  
Last Thursday I opened up the Hall again for the Stitch 'N' Chat but only one lady came and that was my friend Liz.  So far not many ladies are coming, but, I said I would give it a good trial period, then, if no one bothers, I guess it will be time to admit defeat, but first I must give it a good trial, don't you think?
I have offered to teach a very easy quilt project, but so far no takers.   Quilt clubs or guilds are not built overnight, so patience here is the theme.
As I was saying, Liz came over on Thursday afternoon and brought her lovely quilt top (camera was absent then) and needed help with figuring out which fabrics of those she'd brought along would do for her borders and for her back.  We measured and measured and finally came up with the solution which seemed to be best for her pretty purple and white quilt top.  Next week I will ask her to bring it along again so that I might take a picture of it to show off. 
Since showing you the final border on one of the gifting quilts, I haven't done much on that one I took backing and batting, laid it out and discovered there was not enough of the fabric I chose.  Since then I have been auditioning fabrics which I think may do justice to the theme of the overall quilt top.  I plan, if all goes well to finally sandwich and if possible begin the quilting on that one next Thursday.
The other one is still awaiting the signature flying geese, those I hope to have gathered up next week. 
Friday was hair appointment day for two of my seniors! One who has yet to be properly diagnosed, some form of dementia or Alzheimer's, but it is rather difficult working with her when she becomes obstinate.  One moment she was fine about getting a hair cut and the next not so!  After a half hour of talking and being patient she finally agreed to get her hair cut and moments later forgot all about it and loved her new do!  The other lady, my mother is also beginning to suffer forgetfulness (but my mothers' really just a tad forgetful, my mother still remembers and thinks well on her own), whereas her friend does not.  While at the hairdressers she had another lady there also suffering from very progressed Alzheimer's so I have to tell you the hairdresser and I had our combined hands full.  I was exhausted when I returned then home.
Yesterday I happily hid away in my own space and began my day with sleeping in longer than my usual, then after a few household chores spent time in my favorite place, in from of the my new friend Ella who helped me put together a few little pyramid bags, and a pencil bag. I just love my new sewing machine!  I decided something easy and relaxed would help me get my bearings back and it did!
I made these yesterday, what say you, aren't these too cute?

These tiny projects will go into the Village Yard sale happening this upcoming Victoria Day weekend.  Our little town is putting on quite the celebration all in aid of introducing kayak and canoe enthusiasts to the Towns' latest recreational addition which is a new Paddling Station. The committee has worked long and hard this year to put this together and on the Town map!
With these hard economic times our provincial and federal governments are cutting back man hours to save money, our region with its Rideau Canal along the St. Lawrence has been hit by that cost saving maneuver too so our Town must do all that it can to keep the tourist trade we have and hopefully entice others that it is the place to come and visit.  
Two summers ago our Town entered and fought hard to win the Ultimate Fishing Town contest, we won, but lost out due to the fact that our town didn't have cable services - HUH!  Now our neighboring town is fighting for that privilege.  All of our Towns in this region are fighting tooth and nail to remain alive and vibrant as we were before the world got hit in the face with its hard times.
STAY TUNED I will be introducing another GIVEAWAY next week and you could be a winner, so do drop in, won't you?
Have a fantastic wonderful Sunday and thank you all for stopping in and catching up on my life with me, I sincerely appreciate your company and I would so very much enjoy your comments too!
Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  ~Marcel Proust.......................


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