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Friday, May 11, 2012


TODAY begins the GIVEAWAY.  It really is just a fun guessing game, only because I am excited about what it is that I bought the other day.   The hint when I announced this giveaway was that it was BIGGER THAN A BREAD BASKET... 
SECOND HINT I will need to use a special book!
NO, it isn't a Library Book!  You may enter your comments in the GUESS CORRECTLY, WIN THE PRIZE GIVEAWAY here!!!
Enter as many times as you like, I will let you know if your cold, warm or hot!
Speaking of Library at the end of this month there is a Fundraiser event planned at Springfield House.....
This is the building that houses one of our Library branches and is also the house that has the Antique you recall seeing this one?
This Crazy Quilt bears the date of 1892 on it but unfortunately not the name of the maker....which is kind of sad as it would be wonderful to give it's creator a name to pass along to other generations.  Hmmm I wonder if it is worth $70,000.00??? Did you see the article written in 2010 and being written about in this June/July Quilters Newsletter Magazine?  I was thrilled to read that article, it is wonderful when quilters no matter the genre are paid for their works.
For this events' Silent Auction I am making a Quilted Tote with handles long enough to be carried over the shoulder, zippered closure with lots of pockets.   I hope it fetches a decent price!
I continually make those travel tissue holders (from my scraps) which sit in baskets on the Librarians' desk and people purchase for a small donation.  I fill the holders with a packet of Kleenex to make it worth a dollar or two.
Okay, today and over the weekend I am working on this quilt, it is sandwiched and ready for quilting.  Wish me luck that I do a decent quilting job!!
Do any of you have a Tablet?   My girlfriend in Holland was given an I-Pad for her birthday, make me jealous to say the very least, but, my other friend has a Toshiba tablet and loves it, carries it in her purse, it is lightweight and handy for picture taking as well as contact or seeking information right there in her bag!   
I know it will take me quite awhile to save for one cause I used every penny for my Ella (sewing machine)!  Oh why isn't there a money tree in my garden?
Do I save for the Apple, Toshiba, Samsung or the Sony ???  Each have wonderful features but the I-pad has access to all those wonderful apps!  
Oh well, I can dream can't I?
I wish we could all have a money tree. 

Thanks for stopping in and sharing some of your time with me today.  I hope you will enter into what I am thinking is my fun giveaway this week. 
“Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough.” 
― T.S. Eliot


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