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Friday, May 25, 2012

I Flunked "Time Management"

The importance of learning a very basic word seems to have alluded me!  Here it is Friday again and I still haven't finished quilting the String Stars.   Seems there are many who just need a few moments of my time and how can I say "No" !   You would think I may have learned this at a much earlier age, but that lesson simply never took!  Maybe that is why I am not great at Time Management, ya think????
I thought I had only until today to complete this baby, but I have been provided with a very nice reprieve hopefully I will manage to get the binding sewn down Saturday evening - hey, that is tomorrow!!  The event for this presentation will not take place until Sunday, so I have a grace period for certain. 
I am care giving this evening, I have messages to get done this afternoon (you know, groceries, bank, post office, etc.)  and even with me living so close to these amenities, I never seem to make the time to get there as often as I really should, why? Because other things just happen and I haven't learned to say NO!  LOL
Once the quilting on this baby is finished I still want to throw it into the washer and get the grubbies off it, so that its scent is fresh and it looks nicely crumpled as a quilt of this type should look, imo..
My best friends daughter is doing well after that last operation, and if all goes according to Hoyle, she will be going home tomorrow or Sunday.  Rather Saturday than Sunday, progress is being made and already she has been up and about on her crutches.  Thank you all who said a special little healing prayer for her, it is so very much appreciated.
I shall need a good long rest when this summer is over with I have a to do list that is far too long.  Once the String Stars has been dealt with there is the other quilt to be made ready, I hope to collect all of the signature blocks this week and begin assembling that top.  It isn't the quilting or the piecing that gets me because these are such pleasurable tasks, it is that time never stands still long enough for me to catch up. 
Have you been to visit at The Quilting Gallery?  Well if you haven't you might like to visit there today or this coming weekend.  Miska has made changes to the Quilting Bloggers Directory, wonderful changes where you can actually see the Blog Roll of each registered blogger.  Thank you Miska to me this is my Information Station. 
Small Quilting Bloggers Logo 
Is throwing a GIVEAWAY and you won't want to miss a chance of winning one of two 6 month certificates to The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms  or one of two six packs of hand dyed fabrics.........WHOO HOO  don't stop, head on over to the Gallery and get your entry in! 
Must say cheerio for the time being and get done what is necessary today and finish this quilt.....
Thanks for stopping by this afternoon, don't forget to check out The Quilting Gallery there is so much there for you.  To those celebrating Memorial Day have a safe and happy fun filled weekend, and to those of us who are not, have a safe and happy weekend. 

One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.  ~Jack Penn



  1. Thanks Mitts for the lovely mention of my site. I appreciate your support. Any chance you can increase the size of your text. It's so hard to read as it's very very tiny.

  2. Will do, I used to use larger print then tried out the smaller, but will be happy to change back.

    Love the Gallery!


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