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Saturday, May 12, 2012


I believe my question for you to guess at for the Giveaway was really too vague!
TO make it simpler, leave me your comments and tell me what it is you may have planned for your summer?  There now, that is all you have to do.
Once I have answers Mr. Random will choose the lucky winner of this GIVEAWAY.  
The Giveaway is open from May 12th until Friday, May 18th midnight Central at which time a winner will be chosen at random and announced on Saturday, May 19th.
A  friend had me drive her across the border this morning and I bought a few tiny things because the sale was too darned good to pass up, oh boy, is my new summer handbag a hum dinger!  Last year I chose pumpkin, this year coral with more orange in it than pink, and a lovely dress ring of Mother of Pearl surrounded with silver for my mum for Mothers' Day tomorrow.  My 89 year old mum believe she`s a fasionista and adores costume jewelry and of course accessories to match her various outfits. 
I am also collecting as many things as I can, time permitting to put on the yard sale table.  You see several towns and villages have agreed to hold town wide yard sales to celebrate the return of Spring.
I have begun quilting the String Stars (or maybe I should name it strung out stars) and I haven`t really made a decision as to how I should quilt it, so far I am letting the quilt just speak to me. At any rate I have begun it, hopefully I won`t agonize over it too long and have it finished this week.¸

Thanks for stopping by, I sincerely hope you will now join in on the giveaway and while your at it, enjoy this wonderful weekend and the fuss that your family will make over you this Mother`s Day!   To all of you who are moms`I send you this virtual Floral Bouquet, sorry you cannot enjoy the scents of it, but never-the-less, it is pretty.
Wishing you all a Happy Mothers`Day

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love.  ~Mildred B. Vermont


  1. Well, I've been reading your hints, and thinking... haven't posted a guess yet, because I am just not sure... And now, we don't have to guess ;-), but I'm going to give it a try anyway! I guess that you bought a new embroidery machine?.. And you'll need to use the instruction book that came with it? :-)

    As for my plans this Summer-- I hope to do a lot of work in my yard-- get my flower beds in better shape; do a lot of organizing in my home; and set up and decorate my sewing room--- oh, also get curtains made and hung in my home... still only have mini-blinds and I really want some curtains in the windows!

    Thank you for the chance to win-- love the prize-- LOVE that pretty piece of fabric, especially!! :-)

    Hope you have a great week!!

    1. Gwen:

      I was beginning to wonder if anyone out there was reading my blog anymore as there were no comments.

      Your guess about what I did was cold, brrrr but I wonder if anyone will get it at all.

      What your doing this summer sounds just right, and new curtains to make your sewing space cheerful, sunny and bright sounds like just the ticket. Please send pictures of your sewing room when you feel it is just right so that we may all share it with you....then could you come and do mine??? LOL

      If for no other reason keep on guessing, it might be fun....but t least now you have earned two entries into the giveaway and I hope many more follow you.

  2. Well, I LOVE a good mystery!! :-) Bigger than a breadbox-- and you'll need a special book.... it's *not* an embroidery machine.... how about a new piano!? You would need a lesson book-- and it's much bigger than a breadbox! :-)

    I wish that we could both have a money tree too! :-)


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