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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


There are some days that are gruesome to get through and other days which are truly miraculous.  I spent such a day yesterday.  Lately I have been sleeping poorly, for some strange reason I am wakened near 3 a.m. and cannot get myself convinced to go back to sleep.  Here I am once again this morning not being able to sleep at 5:30 so here I am writing!
Yesterday began in a similar way, up in the wee hours of the morning, still dark outside, feeling tired but sleep simply avoided me and I was scheduled to work all day, and after work attend a Lions Charter event far from home.  This didn't bode well when I found myself dragging and having to make the effort not to show others just how bedraggled I felt!
I took a hand project with me yesterday while on Senior care duty, but I didn't have the energy to thread the needle, so I made up my mind to just enjoy the day with my charge instead. 
Now my lady lives at waters edge. and it is while sitting our front and getting the sunshine or looking out of her windows during lunch or dinner hours that we always see something new and exciting.  Yesterday we caught a glimpse of Mother Robin sitting in her nest above the doorway patiently awaiting the arrival of her babies,
then we spied what we thought initially to be a muskrat, which turned out to be a young mink soon to become a Mother Mink.  Obviously she is new to our area because no mink 
who was wise to the neighborhood would sun themselves on the dock where two very mischievous and adventuresome Dachshunds live.   Their names are Red and Rock,  and you really cannot tell them apart, even though they are not twins their so alike as to be confusing. they are always together
and when not following their master everywhere can be seen and heard patrolling the neighborhood keeping intruders like squirrels and chipmunks, muskrats and the stray cats away from their territory.  It was a treat to see this little Mink sunning itself out on the dock.  Only when one of the larger Starlings came too close did it head off into the water.
Now not only were we privileged to see at a Mink, but we also saw the return of the Oriels and one sang its heart out while I made a huge effort to get a picture of it.
To top it all off, Mrs. Frog is back in the window well again, she was there last year and brought her babies into the world knowing no other animal would get her down in there. 
Can you see her?   She blends in so very well with her surroundings.
After such a start to my day all of these creatures made me feel so much better and of course relaxed because I was resting while watching.  It turned into such a happy day.  Nature is such a large part of who I am and I confess I could sit for hours just watching and being entertained by nature. 

Today it is all about sewing, as our Library fundraiser event takes place in two weeks!  I am always busy before each fundraiser and while I sound like a procrastinator, it is because sometimes these events are not planned well in advance, they just sort of evolve. 
So for this event I am planning to sew several small project items which may generate a few dollars and a few large tote bags for the Silent Auction!
SEW today is Donation sewing day, hopefully I can generate enough items that I can say is enough and go back to quilting on the String Stars gift quilt  

I would like to remind you of my Giveaway (comment here), and all you have to do to become a possible winner is to tell me what your planning to do this summer, and, should you also wish to guess what it is that I did last week and what it is I need a special book for well, then you can guess at that too for one extra entry.  WHO knows you might guess right!  
These are the items you could win:
 There are packets of Rick Rack in three different widths all the same color, a Heart in Hand needle holder, two fabric marking pencils (one red and one white) two packages of flower appliques, a set of Prym Top Stitch Zipper guides and four iron on Designer Applique shapes together with a piece of this fabric which measures 38" X 26" piece of Victoria Scatter Garden patterned fabric by Debbie Beaves of the Violet Patch for RJR Fabrics.  
WHY not give it a try, all it will cost you is a comment and for two entries, add your guess as to this thing that I did!
CLUE 1>  which is bigger than a bread basket;
CLUE 2> something I need a special book for;
CLUE 3> and I will get it in a few months!

Thank you for allowing me to share my yesterday with you, I hope it hasn't been too boring and while not quilt related, the GIVEAWAY is, so do take a chance and help me rid myself of all the extras in my huge stash that I have been gathering up to share with others.

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. What a cute little dachshund! And the mink is really pretty!! We don't have those around here-- I don't *think* anyway.. he is just too cute!!

    I hope that you slept better last night.. I sometimes have problems sleeping, and it is certainly no fun...

    I'm popping back in with another guess-- even though we don't really have to guess.. :-) Is your surprise a new grandchild?!~ I guess it isn't really larger than a breadbox-- well, maybe if it is a really small breadbox? ;-) And you might need a book for it-- if you wanted to make a scrapbook for him or her.... and you *could* be getting it in a few months!?... Well, now that I think of it, most likely your surprise is not a new baby... but that would be a nice surprise, I think! :-)

    Hope you have a nice day tomorrow! I will be cleaning, cooking and baby-proofing because *my* grandbaby is coming to spend a couple days with us, and I can't wait! :-)


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