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Monday, May 28, 2012

Quilters and Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in The United States of America,
this day of remembrance and reflection has to be one of the most important of the "holidays" celebrated. 
While we wish others a Happy Memorial Day, it really is a day to bestow Honor and Respect to those men and women who were sent abroad to fight a war for their country and who returned with horrific injuries both physical and emotional.  A day set aside to honor those who never returned, who, because of their duty put themselves in harms way and never returned, leaving huge back holes in the hearts of their loved ones Stateside.
Quilters have been actively making quilts and honoring those men and women who wear the uniform since the time of the Civil War and that tradition continues in 2012.
I have been searching out sites which reflect on this very special meaning of Quilters helping others who have helped them by their service to their country.  
I discovered some visiting interesting places on the web where generous quilters have come together to honor these men and women who have served their country. Possibly you might also wish to visit these?
One such place is here whereby the introduction to the story behind the inception of Quilts Of Valor was begun, and it began  with Catherine Roberts of Anacortes, Washington.  Marianne Fons introduces us to Catherine and her idea and how it grew!   You can even watch and listen to what it is that stirred Catherine into the Quilts of Valor movement. The video walk you through not only the basic idea for Quilts of Valor, the importance of the program itself, and will show you three QOV's being made while you watch.   I highly recommend this visit for anyone interested in the total concept of sewing for such a worthwhile cause. 
Here at you can read about the donation of 104 quilts to the Homeless Veterans Shelter in MA. this is a very touching article which confirms just what the gift of a quilt for a veteran means.  
Here at Maryland Morning Blog you can read of another touching movement, Home of the Brave project.
The last article and video I found to share is this one about the Piedmont Quilters Guild where it's president, Nancy Grogan explains to the WFMY News Reporter just what her Guilds' project to honor veterans this Memorial Day is all about!  

These are but some of the articles I found and wish to share with you.
On whole, the world over, Quilters make a significant impact for a multitude of causes.  
AS quilters not only in The United States of America, but the world over are a generous and giving collection of people with HUGE hearts filled with a tremendous love of others that make horrific events a little easier to deal with, when the gift they give is given with deep heartfelt love and which says, someone cares about you, about this horrible situation and I want you to know it with this Quilt I made especially for you!  
While in this post I am singling out Memorial Quilts for those who serve, there are the hundred and hundreds of other causes which quilters lend themselves to.
If you as a quilter ever wondered how another person will receive your quilt you made to ease someones' pain or suffering I can tell you it made a HUGE difference. You care!
Enjoy this Memorial Day with your family and friends about you, and remember those who gave of themselves because of their Service.
Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  ~Marcel Proust


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