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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stash Clean Up Finished for Now...

Finally, I am back online and logged into my Google accounts!  I just dislike this word verification method many programs use to make sure I am who I say I am!  I have such problems reading those stupid words!  Anyhow, finally I am back and apologize for not being here sooner. 
I have however made a huge dent in my clean up and am happy to report while it isn't perfect (only because I finally got tired yesterday) it is at least manageable again.  What I wouldn't give for a large space which can be delegated to my quilting everything instead of a bit here and a bit there!  If your like me you must be thinking the same thing every once in awhile? Yes?
Here is the cupboard, as tidy as the space will allow for the amount of fabrics and scraps I have managed to accumulate. 
The pile at left corner of picture has still to find a home but  these are UFO's
Well, this isn't as neat as it could be,but it will get sorted out  over time

Then there are the drawers I confiscated
And a set of those plastic drawers for the top of the stairway in the hall, dig my red moose!
So I can attest to having put time in on clearing up my fabric stash with as much creativity as I could scrounge up for this time being.  I am going to be seeking those plastic totes that provide under the bed storage solutions, and will put the spill over (from the cardboard boxes in my cupboard) into those and eliminate the use of cardboard boxes for more floor space in my walk in closet.  In my NewBrunswick sewing room everything has a home and I didn't have to invent new hiding places for my supplies of any type, but in this home I am extremely limited in my space so needs must don't you agree?  If any of you can come up with a better solution, I would sincerely love to hear it.  I need all of the help I can get adapting to my untidy and disjointed fabric storage situation.
I still have not heard from any of the St. Patrick's Day blog winners, have you received your parcels?  All except for Karen, Karen I will mail yours this week, I simply haven't had time to get out of here to do that!
I have been kept busy these past several days and today is no exception, but, this evening is going to be a nice evening out for me.  I and a friend are attending an awards ceremony in another Town for a new friend we have met who will be receiving an award for saving the life of a young boy.  Then after the awards ceremony is over, we three will head out and enjoy a meal together, won't that be fun, something totally different from the norm for me.  I promise to take a few snaps to share with you. 
Thank you for stopping in to visit with me I so hope your day is going well.

You can avoid having ulcers by adapting to the situation:  If you fall in the mud puddle, check your pockets for fish.  ~Author Unknown


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