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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thank Heaven for Tutorials

Finally I am coming up for air!  Been busy with the colorful quilt I am making and if I have done my math correctly I believe I may even have solved my flying geese border problem.  I didn't think about how these geese would get around the corner, silly woman that I am and when laid out around the quilt it was quite off.  I forgot about the cornerstones!  I did figure out just how many flying geese I could place on both ends and on the sides, but came up short for each of the four corners, so, thanks to Bonnie Hunter's Square in a Square tutorial I have made the correct size cornerstones. (at least I believe I have).     Tried and true methods can always be had by going to visit Bonnie.  
Travelling along the inner black border will be the flying geese and the 4 sq. in a sq. blocks, then, I wait to hear what this quilt top has to say, another outer black border or leave alone?  I am working on assembling this next stage and hopefully I will be ready to sandwich and quilt it either next week or the week after, all depending on what life has to throw at me. 
Newsflash, Bonnie has a new book coming out soon bet you it will be another smash hit!
I did somehow finish the strings quilt, I have given it so many names I simply don't know which one to use, so Scruffy Cuddler was the name I stuck it with.   When the head of our Library System was presented with it and she read the comments from her friends and co-workers she simply cried, so I believe it was a hit.  She has two little grandsons one who is nearly 2 and he managed to get hold of it and had a great time with it and we all so enjoyed his use of g'mas new lap quilt. 
I worked on it right up to the time I had to leave home, I decided last  minute it needed binding and so that is what I just had to make and attach.  Many ouchies later I managed to sew down the last mitered corner and get myself in the car and off to where it was I was already an hour late for.  LOL 
Naturally in my haste I didn't get pictures of it, but I did manage to take a few after it was presented to her.  Here she is examining the many comments and here she is letting her tears tell us how much she liked it. 

I hope each and ever one of you had a wonderfully happy weekend and thank you for stopping by to visit with me again.  
Your comments are welcomed, so if you have something you wish to say, please be my guest and leave a comment. 

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.  ~Edmund Hillary 


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